Training, Workshops and Presentations

SESC Training Opportunities for Construction Companies

The Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District is offering educational programs that can train your Company's staff on the Illinois EPA permit conditions. Moreover, the knowledgeable staff will come to your location and do the training on-site, therefore eliminating the need for traveling to a seminar. The District is charging one flat rate and there is no limit on the number of attendees.

Advantages of this program are:           

      We work directly with IEPA as sub-contractors, reviewing Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and inspecting active construction site for compliance with the NPDES permit

      We will cater our presentation to your specific needs

      We will work around your schedule so you can train as many employees as you need

      There is no limit to how many times you can do the training (the fee will apply every time we travel to your site)

      The District will provide own laptop and projector


The flat rate for this opportunity is $260 for companies in Lake County and $325 outside of Lake County. Contact us today to discuss your education needs!!! If you would to take advantage of this program or request more information, please contact Mea Blauer, Resource Conservationist. You can also view our full letter with bio information by clicking here.

Workshops for Non-Profits and Community Organizations

The Soil and Water Conservation District also holds workshops and presentations on diverse topics for Lake County residents. All presentations are in PowerPoint format. To access them please save the presentations to your computer and then open them from that location. Check out the note pages for these presentations as they contain further information about the slides. Here is a list of the ones we had so far. If you have any ideas for future workshops please contact Mea Blauer, Resource Conservationist and share your thoughts.


NPDES Program-Inspections for Compliance with IEPA's General Construction Stormwater Permit


Pond Workshop -- A Practical Guide to Backyard Pond Installation and Maintenance


Landscaping with Native Plants -- How to Turn Your Backyard in A Prairie Paradise


Soil and Gardening-Lake County SWCD Soil Testing Program


Rain Gardens -- Landscaping for Water Quality


Soils and Soil Conservation -- Why Are They Important?


Wetlands -- Why Are They Important?


Look Before You Buy Workshop