About Us

The Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District (LCSWCD) is a local government agency dedicated to promoting responsible land use decisions for reasonable economic growth with a high consideration for environmental protection in Lake County, Illinois.

The Mission of LCSWCD is to promote natural resource management at the local level. We work in both urban and rural settings, providing environmental education, technical expertise, and financial assistance to developers, builders, landowners, and units of government.

What We Do The LCSWCD has served Lake County residents since 1946 by:

  • Protecting soil productivity, water quality, and overall environmental health
  • Promoting wise land use through conservation practices
  • Fostering stewardship and awareness of our natural resources
  • Providing technical assistance on soil erosion, sedimentation, stormwater management, and more
  • Administering state and federal programs for ecological restoration, conservation practices, and more

Our Areas of Focus

  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Stormwater management
  • Water quality and soil health
  • Urban and community conservation
  • Rural/agricultural land use
  • Environmental education and outreach

Get Involved We invite Lake County residents, businesses, and organizations to contact us to learn more about our programs and services. Working together, we can promote sustainable land use and conservation practices that benefit our natural resources and communities.