What is a Soil and Water Conservation District?

The Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) of Lake County was formed in 1957. The District is an organized and operated unit of government, functioning under Illinois statute to promote the protection and conservation of Lake County's soil, water, and related natural resources. Currently, there are 98 Soil and Water Conservation Districts in Illinois.

How does the Soil and Water Conservation District Operate?

The District is a non-taxing body governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five local citizens. Directors are elected to a two-year term. The Board meets once a month. All meetings are open to public.

Operating funds are derived from state and local appropriations and from self-generated income by means of services, sales and fundraisers. Federal and state grants are available for specific programs.

Board of Directors


Top to Bottom, Left to Right


Cheryl Doros, Director  bio

Joanne True, District Manager, joannetrue@sbcglobal.net (left)

Tom Simpson, Vice-Chair  bio

Mea Blauer, Resource Conservationist, meablauer@sbcglobal.net (right)

Sandy Hartogh, Treasurer  bio


Cheena Wade, Secretary  bio


Don Lloyd, Chairman   bio