Soil Testing Program

Why do I need a soil test?

For a better vegetable garden, flower bed, or lawn, start with a soil test. Testing your soil allows you to:

Remedy your soil problems in your garden or flower bed by determining the availability of nutrients in your soil.

Know the pH of your soil. This is a very important component of growing. Very high or very low pH levels prevents plants from obtaining proper minerals from the soil. Knowing the pH of your soil will allow you to add proper amounts of sulfur or lime to your soil.

Determine the color of your soil. This helps in identifying the fertility and suitability of your soil for growing.

When do I get my soil tested?

Most people sample their soil in the spring. However, the fall is the preferred time to take soil tests. Fall testing will allow ample time for remediation efforts to be effective.

How do I go about testing my soil?

Pick up a soil testing kit from the Soil and Water Conservation District of Lake County office or call the office at 847-223-1056 and we will send a soil kit to you OR download the soil testing application and sampling instructions below and fill a 1 quart ziplock bag with soil. The soil sample can be mailed or dropped off at our office.

What is in a soil testing kit?

A soil testing kit consists of a sampling bag, testing application, and sampling instructions.

How much does a soil test cost?

The soil test costs $20.

How long does a soil test take?

It usually takes a few days, but it could take up to 10 days.

Download and print Soil Testing Application and Sampling Instructions by clicking here

Drop off your soil sample and application at the District office at 100 N. Atkinson Rd., Suite 102-A, Grayslake, IL 60030.

Soil Testing Resources and Links

Any questions regarding soil testing can be directed to Nick Spittlemeister, Resource Analyst at or at 847-223-1056.