Soil & Water Conservation District of Lake County

Soil Testing Program

Soil Testing Resources and Links


Changing the pH of Your Soil                              Alkaline and Acid Tolerable Plants


How to Change Your Soil's pH                           Plants that love acid soils


Reducing Soil pH                                                Soil Texture Triangle


Soil Acidity and Liming                                       USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Eastern


Prairie Establishment and Landscaping                Gardening in the Shade


Prairie Web Resources                                       Fertilizing Trees


Prairie Parcel Restoration                                    Fertilizing your Vegetable Garden


Plants for Alkaline Soils                                      Turfgrass Fertilization in Illinois


Alkaline and Acid Adaptable Plants                    River Birch Facts


Landscape Plants that Attract Birds                    Plants not favored by Deer


Viburnums in Illinois                                           Soil Nutrient Importance and Function