Rain Barrels & Tumbling Composters

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Rain Barrels

Made from food-quality, high-density polyethylene, previously used for food product shipping
and may still smell like pickles!

Modified into rain barrels and assembled with a spigot, linking fitting at bottom end,
overflow fitting, and screen enclosure for top. Instructions to aid in setup, using and maintaining barrels are included. Shapes of the barrels may vary, approx. 35-40 inches tall.
Some scratches or small dents add to their character!

55 gal. available in Gray, Terra Cotta, Blue (style will vary), and Black
Please specify

$79.00 each        Color:   

Rain Barrels have a screw-on, perforated top with screen mesh to keep out debris, bugs, pets and children, The overflow fittings allow excess water to be diverted into a second barrel (or third or fourth or fifth etc.), or by attaching a hose, excess water can be diverted to any remote area such as a garden or flower bed.  



  (inside view)

Tumbling Composter

Made with recycled components, including a pre-used 55-gallon black barrel and 100% recycled lumber. Approximately 4 ft. tall and requires only a 3 ft. x 4 ft. area to spin the barrel and properly aerate the compost. Using a rocking motion to build momentum, it is relatively easy to turn. The composting action will rapidly reduce the content of the barrel to less than half its starting volume.

Features and benefits:

  -Holds an impressive 7.3 cu. ft. of material

  -Low maintenance, nothing to clog up

  -Pest proof, fully enclosed, off-the-ground

  -Avoids odor problems by controlling moisture and aeration

  -Provides insulation to aid heating of compost

  -Dimensions 36" wide x 36" deep x 46" tall, weight 45 lbs.

  -5-year manufacturer's warranty


$130.00 each:

NEW Product - Automatic Rain Water Diverter

The Garden Watersaver is designed and built to fit a standard 2 x 3 inch residential downspout.

Rainwater flows from the roof into the gutter downspout and gets captured in the Watersaver reservoir. When the reservoir fills the water then takes the path of least resistance which is the units lower exit spout that leads, via a hose, to the rain barrel (container). When this barrel is full, back pressure occurs and the water then exits out of the upper exit spout into the normal drainage system. No need to modify or remove your downspout.

This system is fully automatic. When barrels need water it will fill them first, when they are full the water is then sent back down your existing downspout to exit as it did before.


 $25.00 each:


NEW Product - Rain Barrel Netting



This netting is the perfect inexpensive solution for the gardener who wants a rain barrel but doesn’t want a rain barrel that draws the eye sight away from their plants. This is a black plastic netting that comes with clips to hold it around the barrel. It if very easy to install. Then plant any type of vine in the ground below and let it grow up the netting. There are several fast growing vines like the clematis that will leaf out in Spring and cover the rain barrel with beautiful flowers in Spring and Fall. Your rain barrel will become a beautiful addition to your garden.


$10.00 each:



NEW Product - Plant hangers

The plant hangers are made from stainless steel and aluminum strapping. These were used for securing shipping crates for overseas shipment. They are used because they are not affected by salt water and spray. We pick these up in the Chicago land area and upcycle them into the plant hangers. They are made to accept a standard 4" diameter or smaller pot. The plant hangers allow the homeowner to blend their rain barrel into the yard with a more aesthetically pleasing look.


They are available in 30, 33 and 38 inch lengths.


Please specify:

$12.00 each     Sizes:   


Flex elbow

Flex elbow is for attaching from downspout to discharge into barrel opening. 2x3 inch size Flex Elbow will extend from 8 to 18 inches long. It fits standard 2x3 rectangular or up to 3x3 square downspouts. It makes it very easy to wrap a downspout around the corner of a building or house in order to better conceal the Rain Barrel. It also makes installation of discharge into Rain Barrel easier, without having to modify aluminum or plastic downspouts. Simply cut the downspout where you want to install flex elbow and then slide it in place.


It comes in your choice of color of either white or brown.

$5.00 each    Color:   


Pedestal riser

Not getting the kind of water pressure you would like out of your Rain Barrel? Give gravity a little boost with the Rain Barrel Pedestal! Would you like to have the convenience of that bottom spigot being just a little bit higher? The Rain Barrel Pedestal would do the trick! They are made of 100% upcycled lumber, so not only are you doing your back and gravity a favor, you are also helping out our environment.

$25.00 each: 

(This is a black 1/2 inch hose by 4 foot long)

Linking hose

The linking hose is used for attaching multiple barrels together. All the barrels are supplied with a linking fitting toward the bottom end of the barrel directly below the overflow fitting. This allows you to modify only one downspout from the roof in any given location around the home or building and have increased storage capacity. Simply remove the cap from the two linking fittings, thread the linking hose to the two linking fittings and the barrels are now joined. No tools required. The barrel taking the water from the roof then shares with the rest of the barrels that are linked together with the linking hose. All barrels fill equally and then empty equally. Some increase in pressure will be realized. However, the main advantage is increased capacity. During summer months when the barrels start getting low it is assured that a 15 minute mid afternoon thunder burst will fill all the barrels back to capacity.

$8.00 each:  


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The Rain Barrel Program is also sponsored by the Lake County Forest Preserve District, the Lake County Stormwater Management Commission, and the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County.