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The purpose of these reports is to present to officials of the local governing body and to other decision makers natural resource information which may be useful when undertaking land use decisions concerning variations, amendments or relief of local zoning ordinances, the proposed subdivision of vacant or agricultural lands and the subsequent development of these lands because of these decisions. This report is a requirement under Section 22.02a of the Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts Act.  

Sec. 22.02a: The Soil and Water Conservation District shall make all natural resource information available to the appropriate County agency or municipality in the promulgation of zoning ordinances or variances.  Any person who petitions any municipality or County agency in the distribution for variance, amendment or other relief from the municipality or county’s zoning ordinance, or who proposes to subdivide vacant or agricultural lands therein shall furnish a copy of such petition or proposal to the SWCD.  The SWCD shall be given not more than 30 days from the time of receipt of the petitioner or proposal to issue its written opinion concerning the petition or proposal and submit same to the proper County agency or municipality for further action.

The intent of this report is to present the most current natural resource information available in such a manner as to be readily understandable.  It contains a description of the present site conditions, the resources present, and the potential impacts the proposed change may have on the site and its resources.  The natural resource information is gathered from standardized data, on-site investigations and information furnished by the petitioner.  

This report, when used properly, will provide the basis for good land use change decisions and proper development while protecting the natural resource base of the county.  By providing a complete picture of the natural resources present on and around the parcel in question, and the possible impacts the activity may have on these resources, those involved in the decision making process will be fully aware of the issues which need to be addressed.  The conclusions of this report in no way indicate that a certain land use is not possible, but it should alert the reader to possible problems that may occur if the capabilities of the land are ignored.   

The report is paid for by the petitioner (developer, landowner, etc.), thus representing a free source of invaluable information for the municipality.


Parcel information:  Location, size, zoning, proposed and existing land uses, utilities.

Soils:  Types, description, extent, characteristics and limitations in relation to proposed land uses.

Soil erosion and sediment control recommendations (specific for each individual report)

FloodplainLocation, extent, regulations, and impacts of development.

Field Tiles:  Presence or absence (referenced with in-house field tile map collection), location.

Wetlands:  Location, extent, status (ADID wetland information), regulations and requirements.

Wetland Buffers

Threatened and Endangered species

Woodland and tree preservation information

Stormwater management information and recommendations

Open space considerations and management

Watershed information and drainage

Maps Provided with each report (parcel delineated on each map):

Upgraded technological mapping information (GIS)  

USDA-NRCS soil Survey for Lake County

USGS Flood of Record Quadrangle maps

FEMA Flood Boundary maps

Lake County Wetland Inventory

USDA-NRCS Wetland Inventory of Lake County

Field/drainage tile maps

Most recent aerial map (2004)

USGS Topographic quadrangle map

Hydrologic Unit map (watersheds and subwatersheds)