Rain Barrels



(Listed prices were for the 2008 rain barrel sale, prices are subject to change for the 2009 sale)


Plain Greek Pepper Rain Barrel - 50 gallon  Cost: $69 each

The terra cotta colored plastic rain barrels are made from imported Grecian pepper barrels which were

originally received in this country filled with delicious golden Greek peppers.  The terra cotta rain barrels

are 34" tall with a 23" diameter and hold approximately 50 Gallons.

All plastic rain barrels are made from re-cycled food grade barrels. These plastic recycled barrels

have traveled many thousands of miles, and even though we have thoroughly cleaned them inside

and out, and applied several coats of a UV polish, they may still have some small scratches and scrapes.

This should be considered as part of the "character" of the Grecian rain barrels.

For reference: Nick is 6 feet tall.

Rain barrels have a screw on perforated top with inside screen mesh to keep

out debris, bugs, pets and children, two top overflow male hose connections,

a brass spigot, and a bottom drain plug. The overflow fittings allow excess water

to be diverted into a second barrel (or third, or fourth or fifth etc.), or by attaching a hose,

excess water can be diverted to any remote area such as a garden or flower bed.  

The brass spigot is shipped inside the barrel and will need to be screwed into the

pre-installed plastic fitting by the customer. The brass spigot can be interchanged with the bottom drain plug if desired.


Flex Elbow  Cost $4.95 each

Our Flex elbows come in white or brown and are attached to the downspout and used to direct

the flow of water from the downspout to the rain barrel.


 Rain Barrel Connector   Cost: $3.95 each

Ready built 12" rain barrel connector. The rain barrels will connect through the top     

overflow valves.